Dressing for Success

First impressions are truly lasting ones. No matter how much you may want to disproof this unfortunate truth, it is a reality that you must accept and that can create a great injustice if ignored. It is a well known fact that you are judged by the way you dress and your dress at a glance has a great affect on how people see you.  Many people can and do draw many conclusions on who you are simply by the way you look. Therefore if you desire to avoid an easily avoidable setback to your success, decisions on how you dress must be carefully considered.

It is important to make the right decisions when pursuing either a personal and professional opportunity that often presents itself in the form of “the interview”. The interview is one of the most important meetings of your life as it opens doors to self sufficiency and many career opportunities. Dressing for success is really quite simple if you can keep one rule in mind, AVOID PRESENTING UNECESSARY DISTRACTIONS.  The interviewer is there to learn about the positive characteristics that you have to offer their organization by being focused on the conversation. Your attire therefore should not be so distracting that the interviewer loses focus on your words and instead becomes preoccupied by some item of your attire.

Keep it Clean, Conservative and Simple:

Avoid distracting clothing that appears bright in color, shiny, stained, tattered or torn, unclean, wrinkled, noisy, bejeweled, has too many fussy patterns or that is too big or too small. 

·         Avoid showing cleavage. (ladies)

·         Avoid jewelry pieces that are gaudy and noisy.

·         Avoid wearing hoops. (ladies)

·         Avoid wearing facial hair that is unkempt. 

·         Avoid wearing accessories that are pricey and over the top.

·         Avoid makeup that will make your facial features appear too bright or too dark or that drastically changes your overall natural features.

·         Avoid wearing colored contacts that does not enhance your natural eye color.  Avoid wearing too long nails that are brightly colored or that are bedazzled.

·         Avoid wearing false eyelashes that appear too long.

·         Avoid presenting unpleasant smells due to lack of exercising good personal hygiene. 

·         Avoid overly potent fragrances.

·         Avoid shoes that are bright in color, tattered or torn, unclean, that are uncomfortable to walk in and that are tennis shoes if you are applying to work in an office environment.

·         Avoid hairstyles that cover the eyes and wearing a hair colors that is too bright or does not represent a natural hair color.


If you follow these guidelines by not presenting what you wear as a distraction, especially during the interview process, you would have mastered one of the most important ingredients to dressing to arrive to success.

Thursday, 19 May 2016 14:21 Written by in Job Training